Patricio Rabuffetti

Is the President of NonStop TV, a leading company dedicated to content development, TV production and audiovisual services in Madrid, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil (Rio, Sao Paulo), Argentina, Uruguay and USA.
Founded in 1989, NonStop produces programming for platforms, pay TV channels, public TV channels and digital media, with its own teams and end to end infrastructure (TV studios, production and post production equipment and crews) in different countries.

NonStop is the main production arm for The Walt Disney Channels in Latin America since more than 25 years, creating its content and serving as a hub for global content too.
Their creative talent, experimented crews and latest technology makes Non-Stop a very well-positioned company in the Hispanic & Brazilian market.

NonStop produces and co produces content and provides end to end services for Latin America, Europe, and Asia and is involved in around 40 productions per year, involving more than 2600 people.

NonStop operates with the Screen Capital One Fund to finance audiovisual projects.