Gisela Valcarcel

I am a TV presenter with more than 35 years in the Entertainment Industry.
I was in charge of the best-selling publication for women in Peru “Revista Gisela” for 25 years and in 2008 I founded “GV Producciones”, a production company that is associated with the most important channel in the country, AMERICA TV and for which we produce exclusively since 2009. We have presented successful TV programs such as “Dancing for a Dream (Bailando por un Sueño)”, “Dr Oz Show” which in Peru was called “Dr TV”, “Operation Triumph (Operación Triunfo)”, “Do you know more than a Primary Child? (¿Sabes más que un Niño de Primaria?)”, “100 Peruvians Say (100 Peruanos Dicen)”, “I Am (Yo Soy)”, “The Last Passenger (El Último Pasajero)”.

We currently have a daily program on the air, leader in its schedule “AMERICA Today (AMERICA Hoy)” and on the weekend, we have prime time on Saturdays and Sundays with productions made entirely in Peru, leaders in their time slot.