Carlota Vieira

Over 30 yrs in the industry. Starting as a journalist, moved to production and worked 5 years as an acquisition’s executive.
With the increase of local production in Portugal, as well as our firs co-productions with TV Globo, the challenge of going global came and I jumped from acquisitions into content sales.
Started a new department from the scratch and saw it grew. The team was reinforced in order to face the challenges of distribution.
We handle fiction distribution (Novelas and short series) both as ready made as formats for local adaptation, and we also distribute Factual, doc and Naca content alongside with footage from our big archive.
We’re present at most major content markets, Like Mipcom, Mip Cancun, Content Americas, Natpe,ATF, Busan and NEM.
Academically I have 3 degrees: journalism, marketing and PR; a post grad in social and a masters in communication and new technologies. Adding up to this with being a juror for “Premios Produ for the past 3 yrs in a row, participated in several events and workshos from Websummit to linkedin. On top of the ongoing role I also handled linear and non-linear channel distribution both national and international on behalf of the company. But what I really like the most in the industry is to meet people, network and t